Brand NEW for year 24 we introduce the F-Wing mk1. A twin cam powerhouse designed to be used for both foiling and fast freeriding.

2 cambers below the boom lock the power low and forward, and create a solid foil for maximum stability. The luff tube is kept as small as possible, widening only at the boom cut-out and below, making waterstarting a breeze.

An adapted power clew system gives 2 eyelet positions for huge range of use. The outside eyelet gives plenty of low end power for early planing on big freeride boards, whilst the extreme inner eyelet is the perfect option for foiling, keeping the power incredibly controllable in the hands.

Whatever F you are searching for, whether is Foiling or Freeriding, the F-Wing is the perfect solution.


€859.00 Regular Price
€589.00Sale Price
  • “For the last years we had the Firewing which was a freerace sail sitting in the middle between a twin cam and a full race. As soon as we decided it was time to make the new X-wing a full race sail, we also needed something to fill the void that was left. That is when the F-Wing was born. It turned out to be the best sail in the range for foiling, and we worked hard to make the smaller sizes up to 7.2 fit on a standard 430 RDM wave mast, meaning people can get up foiling quickly without having to buy lots of new gear.”