Since its dawn this line is a magic blend of ease, stability and good performance. While the originals focused on ease, the second generation turned out livelier and agile. The shape adjustments of the current, 3rd generation feature significantly improved control at speed and in chop.

Consequently, these boards ride smoother and gybe more willingly and easily into and through turns. On the water the boards surprise with a sporty and energetic character which is incredibly easy to handle. The magic of these boards pushes the performance and fun factor to the next level.

JP Magic Ride

  • You will be stunned by the light and easy handling when blasting along.

    • Still based on a thin and wide platform with adjusted proportions.
    • Slightly narrower at the centre and longer -> the stretched-out waterline makes early planing easier and lifts the board effortlessly onto the plane. It provides more directional stability at speed and more upwind power
    • Even volume distribution keeps the centre of gravity close to the mast base
    • Wider nose makes it a more stable platform when non-planing
    • New and wider tail outline -> offers great release, reduces drag and improves high wind control.
    • Smooth deck shape guarantees a comfortable stance in every foot strap option and makes getting in and out of the straps easy
    • Increased V-flow underneath for a more comfortable ride, improved gybing and an exciting lively feel
    • Good leverage to load up the fin