The carbon Slalom-Race shares the outline with the wider G-10 version, but has a thinner profile. It accelerates extremely well after manoeuvres, is fast on all courses and excels upwind. As with the Slalom-Pro-Carbon, all serial fins are light, robust and absolutely identical in layup and performance due to the high-end production at THM in Germany.

Here is what our team riders and R&D members say.

Kurosh Kiani: "The new Slalom-Race-Carbon is the ultimate powerhouse for the racer or recreational sailor who wants a high-end piece of engineering to take his/her windsurfing up a level. Stability and control you can trust, and speed you can count on!"

Robert Hofmann: "The Slalom-Race-Carbon fin is an amazing fin. It meets all the criteria I need for my slalom sailing: Fast planing, great upwind, easy control and amazing top end speed. I can use a size or two smaller than I would do with usual fins and this gives me more control. Can't ask for anything better!!!"

Construction: Carbon, RTM technology


MAUI ULTRA FINS Slalom-Race-Carbon