This back-zip suit is jam-packed with new features. First and foremost, the rubber in this suit is Yamamoto 39. A premium Japanese limestone neoprene with insane thermal and stretch properties. To improve stretch and heat even more we’ve Knitflex+ and Flaremesh+. Knitflex+ is an outer lining that stretches better and hold less water. Flaremesh+ is our new quick-dry inner lining with a geometrical pattern to improve stretch. We’ve reinforced the single lined Wind Mesh panels making them sturdier while still reducing wind chill. With the Majestic you can face the cold!

Mystic Majestic Fullsuit 5/3mm Fzip

  • 1 - Waterproof stretch taping (100%): all seams

    2 - GBS (Glued Blind Stitch)

    3 - Wind Mesh back panel

    4 - YKK Back-zip

    5 - Glideskin neck construction

    6 - Overhead backup shield

    7 - Lining saver

    8 - Hex-tech kneepads

    9 - Velcro ankle closure straps (included)

    10 - Non slip cuffs

    11 - Key pocket 2.0: keyloop with mini buckle

    12 - Aquaflush