The new aerodynamic fuselage/wing connection guarentees frictionless lift and increased durability. The interchangeable head system allows to change between, Powerbox-, Tuttle- and Surfplate Boards.

Neilpryde 21 NP Flight FR

  • 1) New hydrodynamic wing-to-fuselage connection for minimizing the drag and maximizing the lift. Most critical section of the foil wing is the leading edge and this clean design totally eliminates the fuselage from disrupting the flow in this critical area.

    2) Unique 4 bolt connection with tapered transition offers the highest torsion rigidity connection on the market combined with gradual force transfer offered by tapering carbon to aluminum transition.

    3) Plastic cap totally covers front two mounting bolts for perfectly clean profile on the bottom of the wing.

    4) Pronounced dihedral curve of the front wing in the central section combined with curved down tips offers very high stability in straight line combined with progressive turning when jibing.