The new HP Wings offer a good balance of efficiency and high speed stability.
The wings get progressively higher aspect as the size increases to keep takeoff
manageable and reduce drag on the larger wings for a better speed range and
higher efficiency.

Neilpryde 21 NP Glide Surf HP

  • 11 -  Light or skilled riders, waist high+. Good for high speed winging, kiting, high performance surfing, tow in. Sportive foil for windsurfing. Good speed and manoeuvrability at still early lift.
    13 - Average weight and intermediate+ riders, waist high to a little overhead. Good for winging, very experienced or light riders downwind, high performance surfing. Playful foil for windsurfing. Early lift and ease of use for beginners. Little higher aspect compared to the S version to keep the takeoff manageable and reduce drag.
    15 - Average to heavier riders, intermediate, knee to head high waves. Good for winging, connecting waves surfing, experienced downwind riders.
    19 - Average to heavy riders, early intermediate to advanced, flatwater to shoulder high waves. Good for winging, downwind, flatwater pump.