The explosive pop, powerful fast turns and responsive steering of our high-performance Hybrid-C kite will set your heart pumping. The Pulse comes alive in unhooked Freestyle, and makes landing even the most technical tricks instinctive. Its upright, low sweep design ensures the twist introduced by the steering impulse goes much deeper into the centre of the kite, so it turns throughout the entire canopy and the power delivery is constant through the entire loop. The leaner profile entry and slightly higher aspect ratio of the Pulse makes it efficient and smooth-handling, especially in extreme overpowered conditions. It's the ultimate in performance freestyle, with impressive freeride capabilities for super-high boosts and loops. For 2021 we’ve replaced the heavier dacron reinforcements with a new lighter weight canopy reinforcement material, creating a more durable, faster-flying kite with increased performance and lift. More drive through the kite loop. Better recovery. Improved slack line and pop. We’ve also introduced new highest quality low-elongation bridle lines for lower drag, more accuracy and a more direct feeling.

North Pulse Kite

  • Kite, Kite Bag, Repair Kit

  • Fast responsive steering with FlexPulse structure

    Bridled Hybrid-C design

    Dynamic edge response

    New lightweight canopy reinforcement material

    New aerodynamic profile transition panels

    New no-pulley, low drag bridle lines

    Premium Teijin D2 Techno Force canopy

    Higher Aspect ratio with leaner profile entry

    2-stage arc design

    Duralite seam protection

    Kevlar reinforced strut system with bridle deflectors

    HyperFlow rapid single-point inflation

    Personalised performance tuning options