The EVO12 design is based on the EVO11 profile and luff curve, however, now featuring a higher aspect ratio. We have changed the luff lengths and boom sizes. In effect, this means that the EVO12 8.0’s luff length now compares to the EVO11 8.6’s luff length. At the same time the boom to be used with the EVO12 8,0 compares to the boom that you would use with the EVO 11 7.0. Higher luff & shorter boom; making the new EVO12 the optimal slalom racing sail - both on foil and fin. The EVO12 will come with new sizes and larger gaps in between as we have improved the wind range; meaning we can cover wider wind ranges with less sizes. The new EVO12 is super ‚agile‘ around the marks thanks to its shorter boom and delivers amazing efficiency in light wind due to its longer luff.