The Perfo is our most flexible but supportive harness. The softer, natural pre-shaped inner plate and neoprene inside make the harness adapt to your body. The flex and softness allows for unrestricted body movements, which is most appreciated in less powered, shorter or fun freeride/wave sessions. The Perfo is equipped with a classic windsurf spreader bar to keep it clean and functional.


€200.00 Regular Price
€145.00Sale Price
    • Flexible and adaptive, softer freeride harness
    • Allows for unrestricted body movements
    • Natural back curve
  • • Durable outer skin
    • Pre-shaped internal flex plate
    • Natural shaped vertical back curve
    • Soft neoprene inside
    • Soft and flexible side and rib area
    • Windsurf hook with push release spreaderbar
    • Key loop and pocket