The test-winning freerace board for technical windsurfers seeking the impossible: maximum speed combined with comfort, control and jibing precision. The Futuras deliver maximum average speed with total confidence and comfort.

All-new shapes with Double Step Cutaways for added release and increased speed.


  • FUTURA 63

    Dimensions: 225×63, 99 liters

    The Futura 63 is based on the successful iSonic 63 and adds more V, more concave and smoother rails to allow you to reach max speed in harder conditions with more confort. It is the perfect tool for long distance races such as the Défi Wind. 

    FUTURA 67|71|77|86

    Dimensions: 67 (228×67, 106 liters), 71 (228×71, 109 liters), 77 (228×77, 117 liters) & 86 (228×86, 144 liters)

    These models have more volume than their predecessors due to new boxier rails. The cutaways are update to the new double-steps like those found in the new iSonics to improve planing and acceleration. The result is extra racing feel and performance without sacrificing comfort. The Futuras are available in Carbon Sandwich and Wood sandwich.