Freestyle with a twist 


Ultra-quick to plane, with plenty of volume thanks to its thick tail, the Ignite accelerates like a lightning bolt. Combine it with a hyper-fast top speed from its slalom rockerline, its short compact nose and you have a board made for the biggest jumps and the quickest jibes with instant exit speed. That thick tail simply floats you out of jibes at full-speed with so much ease. Switch to the supplied freestyle fin, set footstraps in their freestyle settings and the Ignite transforms into the extreme freestyle board that pops, accelerates and rotates extremely fast. The new Ignite RTF models are fitted with Foil Boxes, making them the Foil Freestyle choice.



  • The Ignite is delivered with two fins: Drake Ready to Freestyle 18cm / 19cm / 21cm for pure freestyle. Drake FreeWave 24cm / 26cm / 28cm for supercross and high wind bump and jump. The RTF edition is delivered with only one fin, the Drake Ready to Freestyle in Deep Tuttle.