Shorter lengths, more stability, faster speed and more control – we introduce the 2021 PRO range!

All new sizes scaled up from the 6’8″ Pro model designed and tested by our 2 ISA World Champion surfers Benoit Carpentier and Zane Schweitzer. The short outline helps to fin in tighter pockets of the wave and is more maneuverable without the nose catching through turns.


  • ALL NEW SIZES - All Sizes are 3″ shorter than 2020 yet have equal if not more stability due to thickness and distributed volume.

    SHORTER OUTLINE - Allows the board to pivot without the nose catching through the turns and can fit in tighter pockets in the waves.

    THINNER RAILS - Require less foot pressure, making it more sensitive and reactive, carving rail turns and have greater control down the wave face. The low volume rails allow the board to sit slightly lower in the water aiding stability.

    SLIGHT DOMED DECK - Distributes the volume in the center to provide enough float, thinning at the rail for more control and bite.

    SHARP RAIL EDGE - Extra control and quick turning on the rail.

    SWALLOW TAIL - Helps generate more speed and more bite to turn in tighter pockets of the wave.