Many years of experience in shaping, tuning, testing and multiple World Titles have brought us to this point. The X-FIRE is without a doubt a solid winner but above all an incredibly fast race board. Each size is studied individually and in detail to achieve top notch performance. The new 129 ltd and 122 lts have been re-designed to really get the most out of lightwind days. Choose your size and set yourself up on race mode!


€2,599.00 Regular Price
€1,526.00Sale Price
    • The 129 lts and 122 lts: all new outline, scoop line and cut outs. Best sail sizes 129 lts -10.0 to 7.8; 122 lts – 9.5 to 7.8
    • The 118 lts is based on the X-Fire 114 shape but a bit bigger and wider. It takes a huge range of sail sizes and wind conditions yet remains extremely fast and easy in all of them. Best Sail sizes- 9.0-7.0
    • The 114 lts: we wanted to maintain the advantage of using a bigger sail than our competitors in light wind and, at the same time, improve it in high wind and comfort abilities. The result is a success! Best sail size: 8.6-7.0
    • All the boards from the 108 lts up are foil ready thanks to a specific reinforced deep tuttle foil box.