Easy handling, easy rigging and ease of use have always been the priority on the Xtra and the Mk6 takes this even further. We continue to vary the batten configuration to suit the size and style of the sail, with 4 battens in the 4.5 and 5.0, and 5 battens in the 5.5 and above. This gives the perfect balance of performance and weight. Our Xtra-X features 100% x-ply throughout for the ultimate in heavy duty performance. What ever your level, the Xtra will give you more.


€757.00 Regular Price
€451.00Sale Price
  • “The X-TRA is a great sail in our line up, just for its ease of use. Just rig it and go sailing, whether you are working on your first water start or mastering the finer points of gybing. This sail really takes you through the complete learning curve and you will never outgrow the X-TRA”.