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Streamlined is an American company founded in 1984.
Its creator, Dave Dominy, is devoted to technique and windsurfing, and has been behind the origin of several key innovations, including the first urethane tendon base and the metal boom handle.
By offering a range of windsurfing equipment, our goal is to provide high-end technical solutions, combining strength and simplicity with the most robust materials of the highest quality.
The functional design of our products stands out and above the rest. The inessential has been eliminated.
In choosing Streamlined, you have opted for quality, safety and value.



In both windsurf sail development as well as waterwear and accessories made for Wind-Watersports, NEILPRYDE has built a legacy over the past decades and continues to do so.
Grounded in a passion for Sailing, NEILPRYDE was founded by no one less than a man called Neil Pryde – a passionate Sailor, who founded his business developing yachting Sails.

At the beginning of the 1970ies, he decided to shift his business and focus on manufacturing sails for the trendy and upcoming sports of Windsurfing. While at the start he still manufactured sails for other brands, he soon decided to start his own windsurf sails brand, which marked the beginning of NEILPRYDE Windsurfing.


Roberto Ricci Designs

RRD is recognized as one of the premier windsurfing and water sports brands in the world. They are true innovators in design, quality and attention to details. Roberto Ricci is a true water man who competed on the world cup windsurfing tour for many years prior to forming his own brand in 1995 in Italy.


Best of the Best

Pat Love’s story begins in Hawaii with a group of passionate friends, living their surf culture by dreaming in front of «The Endless Summer», in a spirit of freedom, hedonism and carefree, rich in encounters and trips.
In the context of non-conformity, the foundations of Pat Love are laid: the good taste is bland and insignificant. Beauty is in eccentricity and difference. Over the years, the brand has forged a strong identity, partly thanks to the influence of Italian design and to instinctive graphic choices that are both asserted and offbeat.

Cópia de Solarez_edited.png

Top Quality rope

Marlow Ropes Ltd are a privately owned British manufacturer of specialist synthetic fibre ropes and assemblies.  Our factory in Hailsham, East Sussex boasts a wide range of rope making capabilities and technologies.  We distribute around the world and have our own sales and distribution company in the USA.

Makers of Solarez®

In 1985, Wahoo International (makers of Solarez®, LifeSled® and Bullyboard®) began, making composite surfboards and bodyboards. We utilized “unconventional” materials and methods like UV curing resins, composite structures and vacuum bagging techniques. We saw that UV curing was a cleaner technology and was ideal for field repair. We also knew it was better for manufacturing, the environment and the economy but it would be an uphill battle convincing the existing manufacturers to change. The first Solarez polyester putty field repair was a smash worldwide. We continued manufacturing a small amount of boards and sought to introduce the techniques to the industry.

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