21 Cab XSeries Front Wing

21 Cab XSeries Front Wing


Enter the X Series™ wings from Cabrinha. The design of the X Series™ recognizes and exploits

  • Design Profile

    Swept LE, Straight TE, Lean draft forward profile, moderate anhedral.

  • Target Group

    Ultra-versatile wing set for all round water use

  • Key Features

    1 - Optimal efficiency & lift

    2 - Integrated fuselage with tapered mast fit

    3 - Superior torsional stiffness for precise and reactive maneuverability

    4 - Full prepreg carbon construction for ultimate performance

    5 - EPS core for superior strength to weight ratio

    6 - Top outline optimized for agility and reactive control

    7 - Reduced anhedral for improved pumping and glide

    8 - Airfoil section designed for low take-off speed and a wide speed range

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