21 Cab XSeries Rear Stabilizer

21 Cab XSeries Rear Stabilizer


The X Series Stabilizer comes in 2 sizes to cover an incredibly wide range of rider weights and uses. If you do more than one sport you‘ll be confident that your entire foil system will crossover with an astounding level of performance across genres.

220 cm^2. WS 370.AR 6.4
300cm^2. WS 430, AR 6.4 

  • Design Profile

    Swept LE, Straight TE, Lean profile, minimal anhedral with downturned tips.

  • Target Group

    Ultra-versatile wing set for all round water use

  • Key Features

    1 - Optimal efficiency & lift

    2 - Recessed design for minimal drag

    3 -Full prepreg carbon construction for ultimate performance

    4 - EPS core for supperior strength to weight ratio

    5 - Offered in 2 sizes for tuning your ride:Medium: looser ride and better pumping Large: added stability

    speed range

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