The success of the Energy lays in it’s vertically curved ergonomic back shape. Suitable for riders with a more hollow, curved lower back, or riders that prefer an upright riding position. Riding styles like down the line wave riding, foiling or freerding will get you the most out of the Energy harness. The 3D moulded outer shell is pre-shaped both horizontally and vertically and it’s covered in neoprene to stretch around it’s complex curves. The improved barpad with stabilizer wings, slides into the side of your harness, to keep the spreader bar in place, prevent the hook from twisting or riding up.


    • Suitable for riders with a vertically curved, hollow back shape
    • Or riders that prefer an upright riding position, such as wave riding, foiling or free-riding
    • 3D pre-curved moulded construction, but still flexible

    • Pre-shaped 3d moulded neoprene outside
    • Curved vertical back shape
    • Pre-shaped inner and outer
    • Neoprene inside with EVA grip insert
    • Soft and flexible side and rib area
    • Barpad with stabilizer wings, prevents barpad twist
    • Windsurf hook with push release spreaderbar
    • Key loop and pocket

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