Our "HMX" pre-preg carbon graphite extensions are light and benefits an incredible strenght tp weight ratio. With our top quality pre-preg carbon fiber material and our meticulous manufacturing process we have developed the strongest, lightest extension possible. The 2 centimeter adjustment settings are set with a hard anodized aluminium collar tethered with a Spectra lin to a stainless steel pin. We attach our beefy "Power-Six" super powerful 6:1 downhaul cleat with large diameter pulleys perpendicular for power, easy rigging and no crossed lines. A tough Dyneema "super downhaul" downhaul line is included.

Streamlined Extension Carbon RDM HMX -

    • Length available: 30 or 46 cm
    • Diameter available: Only RDM
    • System available: US or EU
    • Weight RDM 30 cm: 395 grams
    • Weight RDM 46 cm: 472 grams

    Our HMX custom High Modules pre-preg Carbon fiber tube provides optimal performance under any stress.

    POWER 6
    This unique design puts six to one purchase power at your finger tips. It is quick and easy to set up and the lines don’t cross because the large diameter pullies are in the right direction, as if your sail was made for it. It really comes together with a Dyneema “super down-haul” line. The power 6 gives you a truly simple yet powerful rigging advantage.

    Our “quick 6” design is built strong, like no other down-haul cleat system. The A356 T-6 sand cast aluminum is precision machined and anodised. It is then out fitted with stainless steel hardware and smooth running hard nylon pullies. It is all about performance and reliability.

    This security latch has two functions. First, it assures the Euro-Pin is completely engaged on the catch inside. Secondly, the security latch eliminates the release button from being occasionally pushed. All STREAMLINED Euro-Pin style extensions have this invaluable feature.