Dedicated SUP Foil board offering maximum performance for foil surf, foil wing and foil down winding.


The combination of a short compact outline, distinct channel bottom and thick profile makes it a platform for entry-levels learning to foil up to the world’s most progressive riders.

  • Key Features

    NEW ALL NEW SHORTER SIZE - The all new shorter size range from 5’11” to 7’2″ makes it easier to maneuver and control when flying, yet retains the stability needed to get into waves early.

    NEW SHORTER ROUNDED NOSE OUTLINE - MAKES THE HYPER FOIL MORE DYNAMIC AND MANEUVERABLE. Better turning ability and less swing weight mean tighter turns and flying on the foil for longer. The 5” shorter length makes it smoother to turn without the nose catching and easier to trim the board.

    NEW THE BOXY RAIL - Have a square shoulder rail to widen the deck area, making the boards feel wider and more stable. This extra volume makes a massive difference to have that little extra support and balance.

    NEW REFINED FOIL BOX ANGLE - The rocker has been flattened in the center to ensure the foil box angle is always at 90 degrees, offering the most controlled and consistent lift for the best possible foil experience.

    NEW ROUND AND ANGLED TAIL KICK - Helps leverage the nose to release and pop up quickly and restricts the tail from touching down when pumping.

    EVA CENTER RIDGE - Makes it easy to feel and identify the middle of the board to stay centered and balanced.

  • Key Features

    NEW THE STRAIGHT OUTLINE - Optimizes the volume and stability to ride a short board that is compact and easy to control when flying.

    NEW FOIL BOX POSITION - The position of the box is optimized for downwind, pump foiling and wave riding. All constructions now feature the plate mount only, giving the flexibility to adjust the position for more or less lift and changing conditions.

    ROUNDED VEE NOSE - Reduces the nose sticking and subsequent speed loss when touching down after flying. It also helps break the surface tension for faster release and lift.

    CHANNEL TAIL - Provides stability similar to a trimaran. It also increases the tracking and control which is crucial when paddling shorter boards. The channels help reduce the wetted surface area to maintain speed on touchdowns and releases earlier when getting up.

    SHARP CHANNEL EDGE - Gives a clean release point so the tail doesn’t drag.

    RECESSED DECK PAD AREA - Lowers the center of gravity for extra stability and control to slightly wedge your feet against the rails.

  • Key Features

    NEW REDESIGNED TAIL KICK PAD - Has a center kick pad to push against to drive turns and assist in pumping. The flat sides allow water to flush off the deck and is more comfortable on the knees when prone paddling.

    NEW CHAMFERED RAIL - Limits the rail touching when turning and reduces surface tension, while the tail feeds into a sharp edge for extra stability and release. The tail maintains a thicker rail edge to give more lift and float for getting up when Wing Foiling

    FOOT STRAP INSERTS - 5 hole inserts make it easy to adjust the position and tightness of the strap based on rider preference. Front foot strap has centered inserts and 45 degree angled, accomodating different rider stances and also wing foiling. Both front and back strap inserts have a wider spread to adjust and move the feet freely when trimming the board. The back strap has center inserts only, so you always have the foot centered over the foil box. Footstraps not included. Sold separately aftermarket. Please contact your nearest Starboard shops

  • BLUE CARBON (Construction)


    • Full wrap of 150g Biaxial Carbon for its durable skin and strength, combined with a full UD Carbon wrap for additional stiffness and total breakage strength.
    • Extra glass reinforcements are positioned in the critical standing area to prevent heel dents and for extra strength over sharp edges.
    • New extra reinforced foil box uses a large PVC plate sandwiched between 2 x strong glass layers for the highest total breakage strength.
  • STARLITE (Construction)


    • Ultra-durable, scratch and impact resistant woven 200g twill azure rail protection.
    • The combination of twin T-stringers deck and bottom to protect against total breakage. The T-stringers are positioned close to the rail working like an i-beam to endure heavy drops and strong wipeouts.
    • Starlite now features a full deck of 0.6mm Australian pine wood which is outside of 2 glass skins, increasing the overall total breakage strength and reducing the weight due to lower resin absorption.
  • LITE TECH (Construction)


    • Extra rigidity with introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail / nose reinforcements.
    • Australian pine on standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity in the most critical area.
    • All inserts have added high density foam reinforcements.

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